Trails of Sicily

Trails of Sicily

An invitation to visit Sicily, to discover its natural charms, culture, customs and, of course, the flavours.
About me

My name is Asia and I’m a licenced nature & walking guide in Sicily. My job is my passion!

I enjoy relaxing walks, ambitious trekkings, photography, food tasting and chatting.
For me working as a guide is about unforgetable emotions I experience every time I visit beautiful places with beautiful people.


Privately organized tours are tailor made to suit your needs in order to allow you to discover the fascinating side of Sicily. Nature lovers, photography or archeology enthusiasts as well as those embarking on their first ever walk in nature – everyone will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of this beautiful Mediterranean island.


Trails of Sicily offers relaxing walks, ambitious trekkings, photography, food tasting, chatting and above all unforgettable emotions.

Read, have a look and visit me. I will guide you through this  island of contrasts, which became my home ten years ago.

I will show you some hidden nooks and tell you the stories not mentioned in traditional guides. Follow me.


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Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, one of the most characteristic and interesting elements of the Sicilian landscape. Its colorful aspects fascinate with its diversity. We can admire a desertic snow capped peaks and the constantly smoking summit craters, lunar sceneries covered with ash and rivers of solidified lava, luxuriantly growing forests burning with colors, lush vineyards and citrus gardens. Trails of Sicily will allow you to experience the beauty of volcanic paths, get to know the facts, legends and traditions that affect the lifestyle of local residents who pacefuly accept the majestic presence of Etna.


Sicily seduces travelers with the diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures that reflect its rich historical past. The intertwining sceneries of the sea, volcano and mountain landscapes are a great backdrop for hiking enthusiasts. Trails of Sicily will lead you along the rugged shorelines, invite you to climb the smoking volcanoes and walk through the flowery mountain meadows. Hiking will be enriched with stories about historical events, legends, local traditions and flavored with culinary pearls of Sicilian cuisine.


The most disastrous eruptions in the history of Mount Etna.

Mount Etna is an active volcano, and steam and gases are constantly coming out of its craters, what can be easily noticed even from a great distance. It is not uncommon to see more spectacular eruptions, too. Some of them last several hours, others a few days or even several months. The lava from Etna is characterized by high viscosity and flows very slowly, so it does not pose a…

What I love the most about Sicily.

I remember when I first arrived in Sicily. I got shocked immediately after I got off the plane at the Catania airport. The temperature! It was July. I was flying from London, where 3 hours earlier I was getting wet in the rain and the temperature was no higher than 15 °C. That moment was beautiful! I could not breathe and was about to faint, but it is the blissful…

Skiing in Sicily. Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord.

Sicily in winter? Why not! We are so lucky in Sicily! From May to November enjoying the sea, and in January, February and March, getting snow-mad on Etna. On the northern side of Mount Etna, above town of Linguaglossa, at an altitude of 1810 meters the Piano Provenzana is located. This is where you can enjoy the snowy winter. Piano Provenzana is thriving all year round. It is a vast…

Vendicari – among nature, culture and paradise beaches.

Today we go south. We are on the latitude of Tunisia. Vendicari (Riserva Orientata Oasi Faunistica di Vendicari) – a nature reserve located in the province of Syracuse, covers an area of ​​1335 hectares and extends along the coast for 8 kilometers. There are 5 entrances to the reserve: Eloro, Marianelli, Calamosche, Torre Vendicari (main entrance) and Citadella. Each of them allows us to reach original and unique areas. You…

Gurne dell’Alcantara – trail of the river trapped in the basaltic rocks.

Recently I went again on a trip to the Alcantara River Park (Parco Fluviale dell’Alcantara). I always liked this route. Trail for weaker days, easy, without need to climb.  The walls of the ravine and high trees cover the river with its greenery and protect from the wind. It will take us around two hours to complete the trail. This part of the river is less known and less frequented…

Etna – Hiking the Path of the Donkey’s Back. Valle del Bove e Schiena dell’Asino

I think that every traveler visiting the eastern part of Sicily should definately spend at least half a day visiting Etna. Not to tick another tourist hit but because the views and emotions that Etna offers are unique. I know it sounds banal but it’s really worth it. The most accessible place on Etna even without a car is the Rifuggio Sapienza, located on the southern side of the volcano…