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Against the odds: ancient, mediaeval, baroque and modern Catania

Discover the captivating history and diverse architecture of Catania on our 3-hour private walking tour. From the iconic Piazza del Duomo, adorned with late Sicilian baroque masterpieces, to the bustling Pescheria di Catania fish market, and the historic Via Etnea, our expert guide will lead you through the heart of the city. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere as we explore hidden gems, share stories of legends, and delve into the everyday life of Catania and its resilient inhabitants.

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Piazza del Duomo: Late Sicilian Baroque Marvels

Begin our journey at the heart of the city, Piazza del Duomo, showcasing the distinctive late Sicilian baroque style.

Explore the Cathedral of St. Agatha, the patron saint of Catania.

Pescheria di Catania: Bustling Fish Market

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the famous fish market, Pescheria di Catania.

Via Etnea: Main Street Exploration

Stroll along Via Etnea, Catania’s main street, passing through University Square and Stesicoro Square.

Discover the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre at Stesicoro Square, a significant monument from the Roman era.

Via Crociferi: Baroque Churches and Hidden Gems

Traverse Via Crociferi, renowned for its stunning baroque churches.

Reach the UNESCO heritage site, the ex Benedictine monastery, and the monumental church of St. Nicholas with a panoramic terrace offering sweeping views of the city.

Roman Baths, Greek Theater, and Castello Ursino

Encounter historical landmarks including Roman baths, the Greek theatre, and the majestic mediaeval castle, Castello Ursino.

Explore hidden nooks of the city, revealing its fascinating secrets.


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Meeting point

Piazza del Duomo – Piazza Stesicoro

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Cancellation policy

You can cancel your reservation for any reason up to 48 hours before the beginning of the tour and receive a full deposit refund.