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An invitation to visit Sicily, to discover its natural charms, culture, customs and, of course, the flavours.

Is Mount Etna safe?

Many of you wonder if your holidays in the vicinity of Mount Etna can be dangerous especially during the period of increased volcanic activity of the highest active volcano in Europe. Is Mount Etna actually dangerous?

The most disastrous eruptions in the history of Mount Etna.

Mount Etna is an active volcano, and steam and gases are constantly coming out of its craters, what can be easily noticed even from a great distance. It is not uncommon to see more spectacular eruptions, too. Some of them last several hours, others a few days or even several months. The lava from Etna is characterized by high viscosity and flows very slowly, so it does not pose a…

Skiing in Sicily. Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord.

Sicily in winter? Why not! We are so lucky in Sicily! From May to November enjoying the sea, and in January, February and March, getting snow-mad on Etna. On the northern side of Mount Etna, above town of Linguaglossa, at an altitude of 1810 meters the Piano Provenzana is located. This is where you can enjoy the snowy winter. Piano Provenzana is thriving all year round. It is a vast…

Etna – Hiking the Path of the Donkey’s Back. Valle del Bove e Schiena dell’Asino

I think that every traveler visiting the eastern part of Sicily should definately spend at least half a day visiting Etna. Not to tick another tourist hit but because the views and emotions that Etna offers are unique. I know it sounds banal but it’s really worth it. The most accessible place on Etna even without a car is the Rifuggio Sapienza, located on the southern side of the volcano…